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Coming to himself

The prodigal son coming to himself remembers his father.  He does not remember the Father till he comes to himself.  He began to rediscover his Father’s image (The Paternal image) within himself.  This image of the Father is what essentially … Continue reading

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Voluntary acsestism or involuntary Trial

Mourning, repen­tance and confession are among the most effective weapons against the passions. “Those who are clouded by wine are often washed with water, but those clouded by passion are washed with tears”. The various trials and temptations in our … Continue reading

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Passions are meant to be transformed

The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis is about an imagenery bus ride from hell to heaven.  It is about how people in hell would experience heaven.  It seems that upon arrival, the riders hate heaven because the grass is too … Continue reading

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Does God Love The Devil And The Demons Like He Loves Us?

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Why did Temptation Exist in Paradise?

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