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Counting ourselves as nothing

Bear in mind the Lord’s words; when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants, we have done that which was our duty to do. (Luke 17:10)  This leads us to the … Continue reading

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Preparation for Divine Liturgy is the key to receive full benefit

  We need to absolutely prepare for the services.  We should have some time of prayer before we attend the Divine Liturgy.  And then when we go to the service, we are in harmony with the service and we are … Continue reading

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Healing neuroses — suggestions and warnings

In this chapter, we will try to go into more depth about the ways to heal nervousness, discuss the spiritual approach to this problem, speak of psychotherapy, familiarize the reader with several methods of psychological self-help, offer recommendations of a … Continue reading

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Godliness for healing

The healing of ‘spirit’ may be exemplified by St. Gregory of Nyssa, who said that curing the spirit is acquired by Godliness by those who gaze upon the Cross of Jesus, as the Israelites gazed on the staff of Moses: … Continue reading

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Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetras-On Prayer

Excerpts on Prayer from The Authentic Seal: Spiritual Instruction and Discourses By Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetras, Mt. Athos. On Prayer (pp. 197-205) When we talk about internal prayer of the heart, we do not say petition of the heart, but … Continue reading

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