Power of the sign of the cross

Every time we do the sign of the cross, it shoots arrows to the enemy the devil.  Before our feet touch the ground when we wake up in the morning, do the sign of the Cross. 

This is a story of Sunday school students who are 10 year old.  The Sunday school servants asked the students, how do we know God is real?  How do we know God works in our lives? How do we know that that the Orthodox faith is true? 

One of the kids responded, I will tell you how I know. Then he said I used to get nightmares and I decided every night, I am going to do the sign of the cross on every single wall of my bedroom every night.  And he says, ever since I have done that I never had another nightmare. 

The Sunday school Servant passed that story on to others and it got to people who are not Orthodox or non-believers. After a while, someone told the Sunday School Servant that they know a little girl who is not a Christian who heard this story of the kid, cut a cross out of a piece of paper and put it under her pillow and her nightmare went away too. 

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  1. grandduchessgirl says:

    Wonderful blog post! Truly incredible!

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