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Active members of the Church

Active members are being saved and they are being made like Christ.  What does an active member look like? An active member of the Church stays in the Church.  A good example is the story of Doubting Thomas.  We all … Continue reading

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Want to experience God?

Want to experience God every moment of every day? If we want to experience God, the way is simple. 1st Live the mysteries of the Church (confession & Communion). There is a reason we call them mysteries. These mysteries are … Continue reading

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Preserving the Spirit of Christ (Love)

Prayer affords an experience of spiritual liberty of which most people are ignorant.  The first sign of emancipation is a disinclination to impose one’s will on others.  The second one is an inner release from the hold of others on … Continue reading

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please Man or please God

Love for God, Who verily sends His blessing upon us, liberates the soul from extraneous pressure. The one imperative is to preserve this loving tie with God. We shall not care what people think of us, or how they treat … Continue reading

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Pushing the Rock

A man kept having the same dream. In this dream, God would bring the man to a place where there was a very large rock, bigger than the man himself. God would say, “Your role is to push that rock”. … Continue reading

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