Source of Good thoughts

Every good thought presupposes the existence within us of a good and higher origin, instructing our soul in holiness.  This is evident, because it seems as if everything good were somehow hidden in us, and that we endeavor in vain to introduce into our heart that which was its former inheritance.  How true are the words of the Apostle: “What hast thou that thou didst not receive [every good thought, all natural gifts]?  Now if you did receive it, why do you glory as if you had not received it?”  Anything good is from above.

For a long time I did not clearly understand how necessary it is that our soul should be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  But now the Most Gracious Lord has granted to me to know how indispensable this is. Yes, it is necessary every moment of our life, just as breathing is; it is necessary during prayer and throughout the whole of our life.  Unless He strengthens our soul, it is constantly inclined to every sin, and, therefore, to spiritual death; it becomes enfeebled, loses all power, through the evil that enters into the heart, and incapable of any good.  Without the strengthening of the Holy Spirit, one feels how the heart is undermined by various evils, and is ready to sink every moment into their abyss.  Then it is that our heart must stand firm as upon a rock.  And this rock is–the Holy Spirit.  He strengthens our powers; and when a man prays, He strengthens his heart by faith and by the hope of receiving that which he prays for.  He inflames the soul with love to God; He fills the soul with bright, good thoughts, strengthening the mind and heart.

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