Prayer of Saint Ephrem



A powerful prayer indeed.  I always pray it in the morning.  Today I changed the last sentence in Saint Ephrem’s prayer.

Instead of not to judge my brother.  I say;

Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own faults when I am about to judge my brother. For blessed are You unto the ages. Amen.

 The reality is we act as those who brought the adulterous woman before Christ when we accuse and judge our brothers regardless of the fact that they are right or wrong.  Those accusers were blessed because Christ allowed them to see their sins, giving them an opportunity for repentance.  How sad that they never used the chance and just left.

Always remember it is not about being right or wrong.  It is about your heart.  The battle is for your heart.  The demons use people in our lives to steal the relationship that we have we Christ.

Don’t despair, you just need to come to Christ and kneel at the Master’s feet and ask for His mercy.  He will by no means turn you away for it is not in His nature not be merciful.

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