Guardian Angles help us

We must not be exasperated, angry, and proud, as is habitual to our corrupt nature,
against those who are angry, envious, or proud towards us, but we must pity them as overcome by the flames of hell, and by spiritual death; we must pray to God for them from the depths of our hearts, that the Lord may take away the darkness from their souls and enlighten their hearts by the light of His grace.   We are darkened by our own passions, and do not see the foolishness, the monstrousness of them, and of our conduct; but when the Lord enlightens us by the light of His grace, then we, awaking as from a sleep, clearly perceive the monstrousness, the foolishness of our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions; our heart, which was hardened until then, softens; the evil passes away and is replaced by mercy, kindness, and indulgence.  Therefore, in accordance with our Savior’s words, we must also love our enemies:  “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you, “for they, our brethren are also blind, have also gone astray.

If guardian angels did not preserve us from the snares of evil demons, O how often we should have fallen from one sin into another; how devils would have tormented us—they who delight in tormenting men—which indeed happens when the Lord allows the guardian angels to withdraw themselves from us for a time, and devils lay snares for us. Yes, the angels of peace, our true guides, the guardians of our souls and bodies, are ever with us if we do not voluntarily drive them away from us by the abomination of sensuality, pride, doubt, and unbelief.  We somehow feel that they cover us with the wings of their immaterial glory, only we do not see them.  Our good thoughts, inclinations, words, and deeds, all proceed from them.

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