What is the Truth?


Pilate asked our Lord in His Passion to answer this question: ‘What is truth?’  Do we know how to answer this question, if it was posed to us today?  Many of us would say that is easy for Christ is the Truth.  That is true.  But, Can we answer it in the context of our relationship with Christ and each other?

I wish I could explain this better but am unable to do so.  Let us learn that if we would bear any resemblance to our God, we must strive to walk ever in the truth.  I do not merely mean that we should not tell falsehoods.  When we tell a lie, we are hiding our true identity and claim to be better than who we really are.  But we should desire that as far as possible we should be with perfect truth before God and man and above all that we should not wish to be thought better than we are; that in all our deeds we should ascribe to God what is His and attribute what is ours to ourselves, and that we should seek for sincerity in all things.  Surely we should be ashamed of resenting anything done or said against us—we who are the scum of the earth—when we see what outrages are offered to God our Creator within His very being, by us His creatures; yet we are wounded whenever we hear of an unkind word having been spoken of us in our absence, although perhaps with no evil intention.

Oh misery of mankind! When shall we imitate Almighty God in any way?  Let us not think we are doing great things if we suffer injuries patiently: rather let us bear them with eagerness; let us love our enemies, since this great God has not ceased to love us in spite of our many sins!  This is indeed the chief reason that all should forgive any harm done them.

Thus we shall care little for this world, which is but deception and falsehood, and therefore cannot last.  Once, while I was wondering why our Lord so dearly loves the virtue of humility, the thought suddenly struck me, without previous reflection, that it is because God is the supreme Truth and humility is the truth, for it is most true that we have nothing good of ourselves but only misery and nothingness: whoever ignores this, lives a life of falsehood. Realizing our nothingness and that we are no better than anyone else and that God IS ALL IN ALL is the TRUTH.  They that realize this fact most deeply are the most pleasing to God, the supreme Truth, for they walk in the truth.   O Lord Jesus Christ, grant us, Your servants, that we may have the grace never to lose this self-knowledge! Amen.

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