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Love your enemies

Love of enemies For St. Silouan, this true compassionate, Christlike love for all mankind leads the believer to grieve for the salvation of every human person, just as he were grieving for his own salvation. St. Silouan’s fervent desire for … Continue reading

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Our Thoughts about God determine our eternal destiny

If we consider some of the parables taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, we will discover that the right thinking about God is what really determines our eternal destiny.  One of these parables is the Parable of talents (Matthew 25:14-30).  … Continue reading

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Preserving the Spirit of Christ (Love)

Prayer affords an experience of spiritual liberty of which most people are ignorant.  The first sign of emancipation is a disinclination to impose one’s will on others.  The second one is an inner release from the hold of others on … Continue reading

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Why technology is hurting our communication skills

It is not that we are bad but when we substitute face book for face time, we don’t see the expression on people’s faces.  We don’t feel the handshake.  We lose that human contact and it becomes separated by our … Continue reading

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Love saves

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Why We Should Blame Ourselves

Saint Dorotheos gives us a most difficult teaching. He says, “The root cause of every disturbance, if we examine it carefully, is from not blaming ourselves…. Whatever happens to us, whether it be damage, or dishonor or any other affliction, … Continue reading

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Why is my life miserable? Why do I live a mediocre life?

It is fitting that I ask this fundamental question, for I will discover the true meaning of life in its answer. The simple answer is I don’t have wisdom.  In 2 Chronicles 1:7 God appeared to Solomon, and said to … Continue reading

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The kingdom of satan at the threshold of fiery gehenna

Holy Scripture predicts that before the end of the world there will be an extraordinary increase of the activity of fallen spirits. In these times many people, having lost faith, will begin to be attracted to the occult and to … Continue reading

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A Hard Promise to Keep


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What an Awesome God!!!

In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5, there is a story of a healing of a demon-possessed man.  We see an interaction between Jesus and the demons which are many.  Before the demons were cast out by the words of … Continue reading

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