The Vaccine and its side effects by Father Savvas

Father Savvas the Antonine on vaccination and side effects

A father from monastery of Arizona gave this advice that we should not accept the vaccine. He is not the only one, there are other Fathers who say the same, contemporary Fathers, because first of all we don’t know what is in the vaccine, this is the main thing. How can you accept to be injected with something if you don’t know exactly what it is? This vaccine has been developed with new technology which has never been used before. Until now vaccines contained attenuated viruses or parts of viruses which stimulated the immune system forcing it into creating the anti-bodies. This new vaccine isn’t like that. It has been developed using a new technique allowing it to enter into genetic code of a person tampering with the essence of our being, our DNA supposedly stimulating it into creating anti-bodies. We don’t know the side effects of all this. This is the first objection and second it has not been tasted enough. Typically, it make take up to Thirty years to bring a vaccine to market, testing it thoroughly. It took on average ten years for all classic vaccines to be thoroughly tested before they were brought to market. And there is a certain vaccine which went through thirty years testing procedures before it was approved for the market. And now in a few months only, something which has not been made by using this technology before, we are called to do it. But the companies say ‘we take no responsibility over any side effects’ and they won’t if after let’s say four years people die one after the other. The same goes for medications or any drug. I don’t know if you remember a certain medication which was prescribed to pregnant women, thalidomide which was marketed in Europe a few years ago and pregnant women would take it (for their morning sicknesses) and as a result their babies suffered severe deformities. The had no arms or legs etc. see? They trusted their Doctors and thousands of such deformed kids were born. So it is not an easy thing to say, ‘I will do it’, because this might affect yourself, your children and everyone around. Because we have no idea what the consequences will be. Do you understand? But you may ask, didn’t anything prevent these women from taking this drug? No, because they hastened to take it, thinking it would relieve them and they took it. Yes, but what happened later? So we don’t need to rush in such matters.
Even more so because we have a testimony of Saint Paisios. It is in the second volume called “Spiritual awakening” published by the nuns of the Monastery of Theologos in Souroti (Thessaloniki), you can find it on page 181, volume II. The Saint talks about a vaccine and that a seal will follow this vaccine and here is the most important thing. The ones who want to vaccinate us have openly said they are thinking of installing a digital certificate which will be carved in the body in some way, probably using laser beams, which will be indelible. And a certain machine will be able to read this seal and certify that you have been vaccinated thus allowing you to do what they want to let you do like getting in a supermarket, travel etc. This certificate MIGHT BE the seal, I mean the seal of the Antichrist, the one St John the Theologian talks about which a Christian should never accept, it is a denial of Christ. This is the most serious reason why we should refuse, Of course, all the possible side effects too. Many scientists claim that this vaccine may interfere with our DNA and change the person and we don’t know the outcome, man will not be what we know anymore. He will be genetically modified.
Q.—Do you think that we haven’t reached the era of the seal, do you know when it is?

A—THIS MAY BE A REHEARSAL. We don’t know. But we do know that the Greeks are a target for being Orthodox. Doesn’t it surprise you how the rest of Europe are free compared to us, who live under such strict restrictions. Things are very loose in Germany. And they are allowed to go out without masks. The Supreme Court in the USA has decided to let the places of worship free, only our Churches are closed. Because the target is Orthodox Greece, the Zionists want to eliminate Orthodoxy and therefore Greece. This is why they have gathered all their firepower here against us. But Panaghia (Saint Mary) and the Saints are guarding us and the few Orthodox faithful as well. And I hope we are among them trying to keep our faith unspoiled and live in repentance, so that the devil and his instruments aren’t capable of harming us. And those who will be more affected by the virus, which can return more deadly in the future, manufactured according to their plans with greater degree of mortality, so that people die in large numbers and there is true pandemic and not like what we are living now, which isn’t a pandemic the ones who will survived the going to be guarded by the HOLY COMMUNION, the ones who receive the Body and Blood of Christ will be the survivors. So we should live the right way so as to be able to commune. This is the antidote to what ever harmful plans the devil has. Yes?

Q—There are certain people who say that the seal will be something overt(undisguised), people will be aware of what it is and they will voluntarily say yes to this seal, because a secret seal unknown to people wouldn’t be the true seal mentioned in our scriptures??—My second question is: There is a new law in Germany, I heard, which allows the police or the military to come inside your home during a pandemic and force you to be vaccinated?? In case you want to defend yourself to death, if anything like this happens to you, do you have the right to take someone’s life while you are defending yourself? Or is this wrong? What if they force you, should you just sit and accept it without defending yourself? How could we deal with such a thing?

Answer—As for your first comment that the seal is going to be overt, not secret. Well, although it will be overt, very few people will realize it, not all people, because not all people will be. Believers in Christ. Many people will be deceived even the elect nor will everyone understand that the Antichrist is truly the Antichrist. A great number of Christians will be deceived. We are talking about Christians, because all others are already deceived. It is in our holy Scriptures that even the elect will be deceived. The elect among the Christians, the chosen ones, very few will not be deceived. See how many have been deceived regarding the facades these days? People you considered very spiritual, people who were confessors or people who often went to Confession, yet they say: “Put on your masks!” Can’t they see? No, they can’t. They have been deceived. Why? Because there was no Nepsis, no spiritual alertness. When there is no nepsis, there is no discernment. A person can’t discern whether something is right or wrong. It is like someone with his eyes kept shut. Nepsis is carefulness.

How can a Christian obtain Nepsis? When he confesses his sins, when he prays, is careful and receives Holy Communion. Then he has Nepsis and is able to see if something is right or wrong. But the person who no live communion with God, may seem to be doing certain external religious duties but he is spiritually asleep. And he will fall into the devil’s trap, he will be deceived. It is something we often see these days.
As for your second question, whether we should resist to death, the Holy Martyrs teach us what we should do. The Holy Martyrs never did that, I mean they never killed their executioners.
We can struggle spiritually the right way so that the vaccine has no negative effect on us. You know that the Communists in Russia had their concentration camps and in them they had the dissidents, those who opposed them politically I mean and also the Christians. And all these prisoners had to go through psychotherapy, they were given psychotropic drugs so as to forcefully make them change their beliefs and they were making experiments in Clinics. These concentration camps had psychiatric hospitals in them and they were forcefully giving them drugs in order to alter their personality.
And there was a very pious Russian woman, and although they were giving her drugs all day. They were all stunned, unable to understand why she was not affected. This woman was CONSTANTLY PRAYING: “Lord JESUS CHRIST have mercy on me”. No matter what they were giving her, it had no effect on her whatsoever… Do you understand?

This is the power of Christ. Doesn’t Christ say: if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; Doesn’t Christ say this? He says that even if the true believers drink something deadly, it will not harm them. Some Saints were given poison to drink and it had no effect on them. And then their executioners tried the poison and died at once. But the Saints, having made the SIGN OF THE CROSS said the Jesus prayer, and if they couldn’t use their hands, they used their eyes of their tongue to make the sign of the cross. And nothing would harm them. See? But even if I am forced to be vaccinated and I am in danger of dying because of it, I have the responsibility, I am innocent before the eyes of the Lord. Because I was violently forced to do it… whatever is forcefully done against you, you can’t be blamed. You are responsible for whatever you do willingly. Then it doesn’t count as a betrayal against Christ, or that you accepted the seal. Like in the first years while there were persecutions, a lot of Christians unmarried women were raped by the idolaters but the Church listed them among the Virgins, because what happened was with the use of violence.

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