Why technology is hurting our communication skills


It is not that we are bad but when we substitute face book for face time, we don’t see the expression on people’s faces.  We don’t feel the handshake.  We lose that human contact and it becomes separated by our own technology.  And then we feel the separation emotionally.  Then communication becomes more difficult and it makes it harder to maintain relationships.  When communication becomes too simplified and too emotionally distant, then the relationship becomes weakened and attenuated.   It becomes harder to keep, easier to discard, easier to forget and just have a new group of people to connect with electronically that we can disconnect with later on.

In the future, mankind will have difficulty finding the means to have love connections.  There will be more attendance to think what we want and to see people the way we want them to be rather than the way they really are.

Part of a relationship is enduring a conflict of one with the other because every personality is different.  If we don’t conflict with someone, chances are we won’t connect with someone.  Conflict isn’t necessarily bad if it leads to understanding.  But if we even refuse to be with someone, we will never know that friction can actually rub the edges smooth and the two can become one.  When we don’t even have the opportunity to disagree, we make idols of people.

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