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Power of the sign of the cross

Every time we do the sign of the cross, it shoots arrows to the enemy the devil.  Before our feet touch the ground when we wake up in the morning, do the sign of the Cross.  This is a story … Continue reading

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Father George Calciu — On Pious Prayer

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Their God is my God

There is nothing new in being told that we are dust and shall return to dust. We hear it every year. Ezekiel pondered that when he saw a valley of dry bones. The answer came when God breathed, and the … Continue reading

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A Hard Promise to Keep


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What an Awesome God!!!

In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5, there is a story of a healing of a demon-possessed man.  We see an interaction between Jesus and the demons which are many.  Before the demons were cast out by the words of … Continue reading

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Call and Cry out-don’t say let’s pray about it

This is a real story about a priest and it happened to him in his youth before he was ordained as a priest.  In his early youth, he was addicted to smoking.  He was smoking in an unbelievable way that … Continue reading

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Proper Motives for prayer

There are seven divine motives for prayer that occur in the Bible-that is, those that agree with God’s will.  But for all these seven divine motives, there are major clarifications, which cannot be ignored. Motive #1 We pray because prayer … Continue reading

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