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Call and Cry out-don’t say let’s pray about it

This is a real story about a priest and it happened to him in his youth before he was ordained as a priest.  In his early youth, he was addicted to smoking.  He was smoking in an unbelievable way that … Continue reading

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When science stops- Scripture begins

Once there was a story of a professor of astronomy who was enthusiastically discoursing in a planetarium on the nebulae and like marvels. Noticing an unpretentious priest who had joined his group of students, the professor asked him: ‘What do … Continue reading

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The Benedict Option

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To cover or expose our nakedness

The feeling of spiritual nakedness is the most critical moment in our lives, because at this point one of two things will happen: either we will get up and get dressed or we’ll remain naked.  In other words, we’ll either … Continue reading

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