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Their God is my God

There is nothing new in being told that we are dust and shall return to dust. We hear it every year. Ezekiel pondered that when he saw a valley of dry bones. The answer came when God breathed, and the … Continue reading

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Proof of righteousness is in a peaceful Spirit

Proof of our righteousness in God is a peaceful spirit, which the Holy Spirit generates in the righteous soul.  If you do not have this peace, which means that you have no righteousness.  You are governed by fleeting impressions, and … Continue reading

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And pray without ceasing in behalf of other men. For there is in them hope of repentance that they may attain to God, that they be instructed by your works, if in no other way.  Be ye meek in response … Continue reading

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Flight from reality

If truth is solely simply the product of the human brain, then subjectivity is the only reality.  Each person’s life is isolated.  We have even abandoned the slightest chance of what traditionally is known as friendship and communion.  The only … Continue reading

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Why We Should Blame Ourselves

Saint Dorotheos gives us a most difficult teaching. He says, “The root cause of every disturbance, if we examine it carefully, is from not blaming ourselves…. Whatever happens to us, whether it be damage, or dishonor or any other affliction, … Continue reading

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Why is my life miserable? Why do I live a mediocre life?

It is fitting that I ask this fundamental question, for I will discover the true meaning of life in its answer. The simple answer is I don’t have wisdom.  In 2 Chronicles 1:7 God appeared to Solomon, and said to … Continue reading

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Start with why – Simon Sinek TED talk

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The kingdom of satan at the threshold of fiery gehenna

Holy Scripture predicts that before the end of the world there will be an extraordinary increase of the activity of fallen spirits. In these times many people, having lost faith, will begin to be attracted to the occult and to … Continue reading

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A Hard Promise to Keep


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What an Awesome God!!!

In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 5, there is a story of a healing of a demon-possessed man.  We see an interaction between Jesus and the demons which are many.  Before the demons were cast out by the words of … Continue reading

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